Word of welcome

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in what Leatherbound is about. Let me start with an introduction: Hi, my name is Rouxné, and I live in the Garden Route of South Africa. I’m a travel writer, journalist and environmental writer, artist and art-lover (there’s a difference between the two), and an overall enthusiast of creative thinking and memorable experiences. I have a fascination for people, telling stories, discovering places and acquiring knowledge. And this, dear reader, is what this blog is about.

Some travellers are in it for the adrenaline, the idea of exploring and being an independent nomad and finding yourself in new places. Well, that’s fine too. I’m the type of traveller, however, that wants to immerse myself in the culture of a destination, its people, its art – especially its art. While writing is my one life passion, culture is my other. When I travel, I want to see the galleries, the museums, the old buildings and architecture, the churches. I want to meet the local artists, the street musicians, the baristas, the owners of farms and second-hand bookshops. I want to attend art and music festivals, exhibition launches, events organised for creative souls.

You get the picture.

So, starting with the Garden Route and all it has to offer, I’ll be bringing you a leatherbound journal filled with inspiring stories about people, art, places, culture and unforgettable experiences. In our complex and ever-changing world, there will always be something to write about. And I can’t wait.

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